Why Boalt?

U.C. Berkeley's School of Law (Boalt Hall) is the preeminent law school at a public university.

In the face of increasingly conservative and reactionary jurisprudence and politics, Boalt Hall is on the cutting edge of legal education for students of color who seek to serve, learn from, and advocate for their communities' vitality and against all forms of subordination.

With the dynamic leadership of our new dean, Christopher Edley, and the good work of the past Interim Dean, Robert C. Berring, Boalt Hall provides engaged students with significant resources, administrative support, and collaborative opportunities. Beyond the law school, an entire campus of intellectual stimulation thrums. At Boalt you will find a group of peers who live the tradition of educación and community activism.

First year students find a world of immediate opportunities. From clinical education programs like C.A.R.C., wherein new students assist asylum seekers, or the East Bay Community Law Center's Workers' Rights project, where new students make wage claims on behalf of unpaid workers; to the Berkeley La Raza Law Journal, the nation's longest continually-running law journal that is dedicated to the intersections of Latina/os and the law; to direct political action around housing rights, immigration, the juvenile justice system, voter registration, workers’ rights, restoring affirmative action in California and resisting the resegregation of higher education elsewhere -- countless opportunities exist to transform your legal education by remaining (or becoming) politically active in the community.

¡Juntos sí podemos!

Contact Information:
Anthony Bestafka-Cruz, Co-Chairperson, 2011-2012
Jose Perez, Co-Chairperson, 2011-12

387 Simon Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
Office & Fax: (510) 642-3368

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Outreach and Recruitment:

Each fall semester, we collaborate with other student organizations and the Coalition for Diversity to hold the Annual Law School Admissions Workshop. Look for further information in September.

In the spring our focus shifts from applicant outreach to recruit admitted students. We hold an array of activities focused on Admitted Students Weekend

We are also a member-chapter of the National Latina & Latino Law Students Association (NLLSA), a recently inaugurated association designed to coordinate the currently existing Latina/o law student organizations, to encourage the creation of new such organizations, and to catalyze a national resurgence of Latina/o social justice activism.


Many excellent scholarship opportunities are available. Below are some good links.

Boalt Hall Financial Aid:

Berkeley Law Foundation's Phoenix Fellowship:

East Bay La Raza Lawyers Association:

Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship:

Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund:

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